The Be happy Company is an American company based in South Texas (~1hr from Austin, TX). Created by Nester Lee, in 2017 originally as a music label imprint, it has since expanded into other areas of Business 2 Business (B2B) & Business 2 Consumer (B2C) entertainment, services, and products available both on & offline.

Be happy Records is now one of the largest music collectives in the world. Our artist management division, The Smile MGMT Agency, has hand picked artists from all over the world & developed them into fully fledged artists, eventually becoming full-time musicians.

For business owners we offer our Bazooka Vision Digital Marketing & Design services. Complete with brainstorming sessions, professional logo creation, custom website design, marketing plans & consultations for new entrepreneurs ready to launch their vision.

Finally, we have our newest division. Athletica by Be happy is our vision of the future manifested though dedication to fitness & happiness in it’s purest form. We sponsor everyone from professional athletes, coaches, sports teams, and fitness professionals to aspiring gym-junkies or people just beginning their fitness journey. We’re here to help motivate you as a team every step of the way!

Whatever your needs our team is fully capable of handling it, because if nothing else we believe in using our talents to keep our mission statement as accurate and truthful as possible....

The Be happy Company is a way for all of us to come together & make the world a more positive place doing what it is we love.

-Nester Lee, Creator / CEO